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Wyoming Priorities are Our Priorities

Rep. Rachel Rodriguez-Williams, HD 50

December 30, 2023

The days between Christmas and New Year provide us with the opportunity to think about the events of the year we lived through. Top breaking news stories of 2023 trend alongside pop-culture “year in review” pieces. 

For Wyoming conservatives, 2023 was an important year. In January, the arguably most liberty-minded legislature was sworn in for the 67th Legislative Session. The Wyoming Freedom Caucus and its allies successfully achieved election reform putting an end to crossover voting, passed a first-of-its-kind law to protect life from conception, and expanded freedoms for homeschool families. We didn’t win every vote, though. But, I count these House floor losses as wins– Wyoming citizens are charged and educated. They are waking up to the slick campaign mailers they receive every two years that don’t match the voting records of their representatives while in Cheyenne. After all, it’s offensive to read during the summer that your lawmaker is a “fiscal conservative,” then votes in session to grow the government by hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Even more important than these legislative wins (and losses) are the relationships that were forged this year. With over fifteen Wyoming Freedom Caucus town hall events, both virtually and throughout the state, the conservative movement is stronger and more united than ever. To me, this is the biggest “win” from 2023. 

Since the Legislature adjourned in March, I and my colleagues in the Wyoming Freedom Caucus have taken note of the priorities of Wyoming citizens. In Casper, we heard from parents  who love their kids’ teachers, but are shocked by the presence of sexually explicit graphic novels in the school library. In Pinedale, we heard from recreationalists and energy families alike who the Biden BLM threatens with the destructive Rock Springs Resource Management Plan. In Laramie, we heard from college students who are sick of the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” clown show that rejects meritocracy and biological reality in favor of division. Invitations into these communities and many more give us hope that the people of Wyoming do not want us to become Colorado. 

The people of Wyoming believe in limited government, standing up for themselves and taking their educated vote to the ballot box. They believe in protecting children, saving their homes from out of control property taxes, promoting work, and restoring freedom. These are the priorities of the people– and therefore, the priorities of the Wyoming Freedom Caucus.

In 2024, I hope that we can all reject the idea that parents seeking to protect their children are “pandering to a national agenda” and instead take their concerns seriously. I hope that we can forcefully push back against the Biden administration's liberal agenda and its regulatorily induced decline of our legacy industries. I hope that we can fight for the conservative principles that made Wyoming the very best state in the nation and America’s last hope.

Representative Rachel Rodriguez-Williams serves House District 50 in Park County. She serves as Vice-Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. She is a member of the House Republican Caucus, the Wyoming Freedom Caucus, and the National Pro-Life Women's Caucus.