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Uniparty Elitists are Trying to Destroy Wyoming

Representative Bill Allemand
January 14, 2024

Dear Friends, 

Why are the elitists in the Wyoming House of Representatives trying to destroy our great state? They proved last session that they support big taxes, big spending and big pharma. While the people are struggling with higher property taxes, high inflation, much higher gas prices, higher electricity and propane prices, the elitists wanted to spend $750,000 to have a mural painted on a wall of the State House chambers. Your Freedom Caucus got that stopped. 

A recent guest column written by legislative leadership called out the Freedom Caucus and their conservative allies for voting against the supplemental budget, bragging that $1.4 billion was stashed in state savings. I stand proudly by my decision to vote against a budget that committed to more spending than it saved. The supplemental budget increased annual spending by $110 million while the “savings” only promises to generate $65 million in revenue. I can’t vote to spend more than I earn.  

However, the Uniparty Elitists, 31 Republicans and 5 Democrats, felt it was better to spend a bunch before we saved any, or better yet, to give some back to the taxpayers. 

Legislative leaders also decried my bill ( HB116 ) to prohibit China, Russia, and other state sponsors of terror from owning Wyoming land and minerals, claiming it would be a waste of money. The only time my bill to ban foreign ownership of land threatened to spend your tax dollars was when a Representative amended it during a committee hearing, tacking on an unnecessary $5 million price tag so that later, he and his friends could vote it down. It worked. 

Because this appropriation was added, the bill had to go to the Appropriations Committee, where many good bills were sent to die. I encourage you to examine the votes on every bill, to track where each bill was sent, and to form your own opinion as to who has your best interest in mind in Cheyenne. It might surprise you. 

Check out Many Wyomingites already have, and this is starting to worry the elitists. 

It will be very interesting in the upcoming legislative session to see how the same legislators who voted against property tax caps, against property tax relief, against parental rights, against foreign land ownership, and for mask mandates will vote in an election year. 

This upcoming session I will be sponsoring several bills. I will again attempt to prohibit foreign ownership of Wyoming’s lands, minerals, or mineral extraction, or companies by China, Russia, and other state sponsors of terror. I will also run a bill to stop the tracking of gun and ammunition sales by credit card companies. I will co-sponsor tax relief bills, as there are several good bills that will give true relief.  

Thank You for your time, and as always you can reach me on my phone or email. 

Rep. Bill Allemand HD 58 

Rep. Allemand represents House District 58 in Natrona County.