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Natrona County GOP Voters Deserve Better

Editor's Note: To our knowlege, Joe McGuire has not attended a WYGOP State Central Committee Meeting.  Natrona County State Committeeman Joe McGinley has.  Also, per a decision by the WYGOP State Central Comiitee, Natrona County was only allowed 6 delegates to the WY State GOP Convention and not 29.  The Natrona County GOP is in arrears with their dues owed to the State, however, at this publishing, the exact figure is not known to us.  Though, it is in excess of $30,000. 

In late March 2024, members of the Natrona County GOP Central Committee selected a delegate and alternate to send to the Republican National Convention in July. I was fortunate to be selected along with State Rep Bill Allemand as the alternate. Fast forward to the WY Republican State Convention this past weekend where our nominations were rejected by the Rules Committee for improper selection methods. Bill and I were then nominated to compete for “At Large” seats with other nominees from across the state. Luckily Rep Allemand was able to get an Alternate seat. Senator Bob Ide was also selected to be a Delegate. If not for these At Large seats, Natrona County Republican voters would have had zero representation at the Republican National Convention.    

If NCGOP Chairman Joe MacGuire would have simply followed the bylaws established by the Natrona County Central Committee, this scenario would not have occurred. As expected, Chairman McGuire put the fault on the State Party for holding NC accountable to our bylaws. This scenario should have been no surprise to Chairman MacGuire as the same thing had happened before with delegates to a previous State Convention.    

The Republicans of Natrona County deserve better representation than what is currently happening with our current Chairman and Executive Committee. For this year’s State Convention, Chairman MacGuire opted to send only 6 of his most loyal delegates instead of a complete roster of 29 delegates, which we were told the county was allotted to seat, denying NC Republican voters full representation at the State Convention.    

Under Chairman MacGuire, we have had only one meeting along with the County Caucus and County Convention. The County Convention was limited to 3 hours which did not allow time to address all the recommended changes to the county Bylaws and Resolutions that were submitted by precinct representatives and NC Republican voters. One recommendation we did take time to consider was to give the Executive Committee more authority so they did not have to have Central Committee meetings. This was just another attempt to deny NC Republican voters full representation.    

The Natrona County GOP is also approximately $36,000 in arrears for dues payments to the State Party, yet they somehow have always had the money to sue the State Party. Incredibly, Chairman MacGuire and the State Committeeman have never attended a single State Central Committee meeting. Both these actions deny the NC Republican voters full representation at the State meetings.    

It is time for significant change in the Natrona County GOP, and this is the year to make it happen. The Primary Election is August 20th, and you’ll have the opportunity to vote for precinct committeemen and committeewomen to represent you on the Natrona County Central Committee. Vote for the representatives that will best represent you, the NC Republican voter, not people who actively work against you to stifle your voice.    

Shianne Huston 
Precinct Committeewoman 8-2 
Natrona County